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Wedding Cake Pulls Coupons

It’s something old, something new, something borrowed and now it’s something that can be a part of your next ceremony. Wedding Cake Pulls is a retailer and manufacturer of fun and exciting pulls and charms made for bridesmaids to add a little something extra when it’s time for them to eat cake.

Adapted from an age-old tradition, cake pulls are a series of charms with a ribbon attached. Before the cake is presented and served, charms are placed inside, leaving only the ribbon exposed. From there, bridesmaids pull them out, and whichever charm they receive foretells the future.

And with Wedding Cake Pulls, you can find the charms that you want, from individual ones to complete sets.

Don’t pull too much out of your budget when you shop. Coupon Chad has Wedding Cake Pulls coupons and Wedding Cake Pulls coupon codes for you.

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